Zoe Brand (2006)

Rings - sterling silver, Delrin and rubber o-rings

Zoe Brand (2007)

Killing Time - american walnut, silver steel, crayon


Colour has an enormous impact on how we perceive things, such as the colour of fruit and vegetables indicates its freshness. This particular work delved into Colour Theory and more specifically Memory Colour. Which are colours that are self-referencing, that is the context of the colour defines the colour, they cannot be isolated from the objects that reference them, and often associated with familiar objects (for example green grass, sky blue) and generally tend to be of enhanced purity; they are desired in photographs and painted in portraits. With this work, I have taken the seemingly innocent box of crayons and given the colours a context, red is no longer red, but genocide (the killing of people), black has now become omincide (he killing of everything), green now reads a pesticide (the killing of pests) etc. We are no longer innocent bystanders. 

Zoe Brand (2008)

a random selection of works from this time 

Zoe Brand (2008)

Black Board Brooch - aluminium, blackboard paint, stainless steel